A selection of Geosynthetic products are available to solve a variety of erosion control problems.

Turf reinforcement is a method or system by which the natural ability of plants to protect soil from erosion is enhanced by Geosynthetic materials. A 3-dimensional flexible matrix retains seeds and soil, stimulating germination, and accelerating seedling development

Turf Revegetation Mats (TRMís) & Erosion Control Revegetation Mats (ECRMís) are flexible, 3-dimensional, geosynthetic matrices designed to retain seeds and soil; stimulate seed germination; thereby anchoring this Biotechnical composite to the soil surface.

A Geosynthetic matrix, consisting of a lofty web of 3-dimensional black polyolefin fibres. This is normally placed on the slope, or channel, and then soil filled and seeded.
A dense 3-dimensional web of green polyolefin fibres, mecahanically bonded between two nets. ECRMís are placed above a seeded surface; relying on sediment capture, rather than soil filling, for increased stability.
Providing many times the strength of even TRMís & ECRMís; this polypropylene 3-dimensional matrix is formed into an array of pyramid-like cells, giving a very high interface shearing resistance with soils. Pyramat is especially suitable for stabilization of coastlines, embankments, and landfills
   The Port of Houston Authority used PYRAMAT to minimize erosion on 2H:1V levee slopes. This unique erosion control matrix proved to be a cost effective alternative to rip-rap.

PYRAMAT was chosen for its superior tensile strength and durability. It was installed in intimate contact with the soil, but not soil filled and seeded as recommended. Despite these deficiencies, and the challenge of 2 metre wave attack, the 3-dimensional matrix maintained a stable levee and facilitated species abundance.