Our range of Geotextiles is comprehensive, offering both Woven and Non-Woven types. This product range offers solutions to virtually any application. The choice between a woven or nonwoven is basically site-specific. For example, Woven Slit-film Geotextiles can offer higher performance in certain heavy duty pavement applications, especially if dry conditions are encountered. Our advisory service is free, please contact us with your problem applications.


Non-Woven Geotextiles

The standard product range is comprehensive, with fabrics ranging from 100g/m2 - 610g/m2, to suit almost any application. Higher density fabrics are custom made to suit more severe applications. The majority are of a Polypropylene construction; manufactured in conformity with ISO 9002.

Selection Guide:

Lightweight non-wovens (100 to 155 g/m2) offer solutions for:

  • Subsurface drainage
  • Rural road sub-grade separation
Medium weight non-wovens (180 to 350 g/m2) for:
  • More critical subsurface drainage applications
  • Highway sub-grade separation
  • Hard Armour Underlayment
  • Leachate management
Heavy weight non-wovens (405 to 610 g/m2) for:
  • Embankment/Shoreline protection,
  • Geomembrane protection
  • sub-surface drainage areas.

Woven Geotextiles

Woven Monofilament Filtration Geotextile

High Survivability Geotextiles, that are extremely resistant to soil and biological clogging, maintaining high long-term flow rates; these types of Geotextiles are used for:

  • Erosion Control on waterways and shorelines
  • Subsurface drainage, especially with high water tables.
  • Landfill Leachate collection


ST Range used, primarily in pavement construction, for:
  • Separation /Stabilization on weak subgrades
  • Base Course Reinforcement on firmer subgrades
High Modulus Woven slit films placed on the pavement subgrade, provide separation between subgrade fines and the aggregate above. They provide excellent separation / stabilization performance on very weak subgrades The ST range complies with AASHTO M288-96 for separation and stabilization in road construction. For more demanding applications, see the Reinforcer range.

Reinforcer range (Soil Reinforcement)

A high performance woven range that deals with the most demanding applications for:

  • Construction over soft soils
  • Embankment stabilization
  • Steepened slopes
  • Wrapped face retaining walls
  • Lagoon closures
  • Lining system support